Driving Aids

Orlando Florida Has Your Driving Aids and Awaits You

Driving Aids and Hand Controls are synonymous in many people’s vocabulary. Get your Driving Aids from a leading distributor of all driving aid products. Mobility Freedom is your source for driving aids because we have the manufacturer relationships required to be labeled an authority on driving aids and a leading distributor of hand controls.

Product – Power Seat Base  
13085A, 16017A (Long Short Models)
16095A-180A (1800 Gear Plate)

Product  Braun Companion Seat
companion seat
24099A, 22990A, 19801A (For GM, Ford, and Chrysler)
22656A (Hand-Held Control)


chair-topper-callout2Product – Braun Chair Topper 
L700X, L700XR (Driver Side, Passenger Side)
16021A (Chain Extension)CALL27118 (Mondial A 108 Mounting Foot)


Product – Base Lock and Accessories  
Grey-BL-6290-070725BL-6290 Vehicle mounted Electric/Automatic wheelchair locking system, complete with ECU control panel, harnesses, and control module. (Scooter EZ locks not available)
Shim Kit Raises BL-6290 by 1-1/4inches to provide additional drop pin clearance.